Motorhome Insurance Top Tips

Choosing your motorhome insurance can be difficult because there are many factors to consider that don?t apply to your family car. A motorhome contains many more personal belongings than you would normally pack into your car, for one thing. Then there are the removable appliances to think about. Before you decide on an insurance policy for your motorhome, why not make a checklist to be sure the insurance you buy covers the needs you have.

Ask yourself a few questions and make some calculations. What is the value of the clothes, linens, cutlery, dishes and other essential items that you will be carrying with you? You will be surprised by just how substantial the amount can be. Don?t forget the ?little things?like electric razors, hair dryers etc.

Now think about all your removal appliances. Don?t leave out the TV and stereo. Some motorhomes are even fitted with satellite dishes, GPS devices and other electronic devices that may be in housings. Add to this your gas bottles, outdoor and indoor lighting fixtures, microwave oven and even your gas hob. You may be staggered by their combined value.

Compare the cost of replacing these with the coverage yourt motorhome insurance company offers. Will you get a third of the cost back in case your vehicle is stolen or stripped by thieves? What sounds like a generous allowance from one insurance company will probably not even touch the real value of everything that you carry in your motorhome.

Next, think about the your motorhome itself. If it is reasonably new, will you get ?new for old?replacement if the vehicle is stolen and not recovered? Are you covered if you decide to make a trip outside of the UK without first notifying your motorhome insurance company? Are you covered for an extended stay on the continent? What about windscreen damage? Can you get that replaced wherever you may be and still get the cost reimbursed to you?

Once you?ve thought about everything, you can then choose your motorhome insurance company wisely. You will probably find that Club Care Insurance offers the best comprehensive insurance for the best price that you can possibly get. Check their website for all the information you need to make an intelligent decision about insurance for your motorhome.